brooklyn, baby!


I’m not going to start this post with the typical “I’m so sorry I haven’t posted in so long!” type thing. Because the truth is, I’m not sorry. I needed the break. A lot has been going on in Beth-land (some of it not very creativity-inducing), not the least of which was that I moved to Brooklyn!

So today, the first lazy Sunday in a long time where I’ve felt truly relaxed to just be staying in bed all day watching How I Met Your Mother and cutting up old magazines while I drink homemade cocoa, I decided a little catch-up on the blog was in order. My first week post-move was hectic (and had some truly terrible weather), so this (sunny!) day of laziness feels quite deserved. I’m enjoying watching the snow fall off the roofs across the street. Work is busy, as usual. I’m thinking of making cake batter fudge later. And most importantly of all, I’ve taken up roller derby lessons! (I won’t be playing any actual bouts anytime soon, but hopefully I am working my way towards that.) This is my impulse buy of the month:


Damn it Target, you make it so hard to stay on budget!

So how have you all been? Is winter refusing to leave your neck of the woods as well? I hope you’re all having an equally lazy and relaxing Sunday. I can’t promise I’ll start posting more regularly now, but hopefully with new surroundings and the winter doldrums passing my creativity will kick back into gear soon. I’d rather give you all a few posts that I’m proud of rather than a bunch of so-so, obligatory posts.