The World is Your Rocky Mountain Oyster

One move down!

I’m now settled in my mom’s place for the time being. But I had some very important things to do in western Nebraska before I left, like crossing “Try rocky mountain oysters” off my bucket list.


If you haven’t been to the middle of America and don’t know what rocky mountain oysters are, well, I’ll let Wikipedia explain.

And, of course, I also had to say goodbye to the view.


Now I’ll be spending my summer working my new theater gig (which I’m SUPER excited about), planning the move to NYC (of course), and making other plans (but that’s for another post). But for this week, my plan is to finally relax.

Oh, and enjoy cable television for the first time in months.

What are your summer plans? Have you ever tried rocky mountain oysters? (Would you ever try rocky mountain oysters?)