the queen of queens


This is it guys! I’m finally settled into my permanent (for a year, at least) New York residence. It’s such a load off knowing that the most stressful part of my move (and there was stress, believe me) is finally over. Now I just need to take care of the boring grown-up stuff, like changing my address and getting my new driver’s license (okay, I’m actually kind of excited about that last one), and then I’m free to explore the city to my heart’s content! When I’m not working of course.

I’ve already had the pleasure of exploring my new neighborhood a little bit, and I think I’m gonna like it here. I’ve already discovered my new favorite pastry shop (the woman behind the counter was so sweet and even gave me a free mini croissant!), and other than getting lost when riding the bus for the first time I haven’t had any bad experiences. Not to mention the lovely view from my window as seen above.

Have you ever moved before? How did you handle the stress?