Cocktail of the Month: New Yorker


My move to New York is still a couple months away, but as you can probably tell by my drink choice I’m still pretty excited about it. There were actually several NYC-themed drinks to choose from in See Mix Drink–Manhattan and Waldorf to name a couple–but I went with the obvious one. (And the one I already had the ingredients for in my cabinet.) Boy, was it good. If you like sweet drinks, that is (which I do).

But Beth, if you’re not moving to New York yet, why are there boxes in the background of that picture?

Good question. That’s because although I’m not making the move, I am making a move. Back to my mom’s house, where I can gather my wits and make my official moving plans without the whole full-time job thing taking up all my time. Which means I’m spending the next week packing boxes, doing grown-up things like leaving my forwarding address at the post office, taking some last pictures of that crazy Western Nebraska landscape and trying to eat up all the food in my cabinet so I don’t have to bring any of it with me. (Which means my diet lately has consisted mostly of pancakes, spaghetti, Lean Cuisines and popcorn.)

Have you ever made a big move before?