hurray for…

Freshly swept floors. (I know I could have these much more often if I weren’t so lazy…eh.)

My new ukulele. I am getting nothing done anymore because I can’t stop playing it, but I don’t care!

The little sprinkling of snow I caught in the morning on the way to work last week. It didn’t last long and it didn’t stick, but it was so lovely…

Hot chocolate season.

Bunny slippers.


hurray for (christmas edition!)


Hurray for…

The smell of real Christmas trees on the sidewalk.

All the house lights on my street.

The treats! (I was a little worried about my grocery budget this month, but with all the food flying around the office I needn’t have worried.)

Being finished with my shopping/wrapping/card composing/shipping early. Holiday stress? What’s that?


Merry Christmas and happy holidays everybody!

october blogging challenge 30: thankful thursday

Hurray for…

Finding a book club I think I’m gonna like.

Good music.

Reserving books at the library.

My job, because a) I like it, and b) it’s helping me keep my NYC-living dream afloat.

Living in a great neighborhood.

I know I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again: coffee.


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october blogging challenge 16: thankful thursday

Hurray for…

Living within walking distance of Taco Bell.

Coffee. Preferably in large quantities.

Tea. Ditto.

That time I was walking around the Upper West Side, thought, man, I really want a smoothie, and two minutes later THERE WAS A SMOOTHIE SHOP.

Finding a huge, suburban-esque grocery store nearby amidst the tiny, corner only-have-three-extremely-narrow-aisles-and-nothing-you-need grocery stores. No more trekking all the way to the Target in Brooklyn! (Of course I still do that sometimes anyway–I freaking love Target.)

(I didn’t mean this to be all food-related when I started this post; it just worked out that way.) What are you thankful for?


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october blogging challenge 2: thankful thursday

I’m going to do this in my typical “hurray for” format. So, hurray (because I’m thankful) for…

Working only a couple blocks away from Central Park.

Some of my favorite shows on Netflix (I’m currently working my way through Frasier).

My new coffee maker.

My Avengers poster. (I had to go without it until my mom could mail it to me at my new place. And it just doesn’t feel like home without it.)

Watching the sun rise during my morning coffee.

All the support I’ve gotten for moving to New York City; I would have done it regardless, but it makes such a difference when others are encouraging of you following your dreams.

What are you thankful for today?


October Blogging Challenge 1

hurray for…

Catching a whiff of the roses from the flower shop next to the train station.

Having the window open just a crack on a rainy day while drinking my morning coffee.

Free zumba classes at the library. (And living within walking distance of a library, for that matter.)

Comic books. I sometimes feel like I can’t call myself a true geek, since although I love me some superhero movies I’ve never really read the comics. But the library mentioned above has a fairly decent comic book selection, so I’m trying to rectify that.

Finally, finally a break from ridiculously hot weather. Hello, fall.

What’s making you go “hurray” lately?

Hurray For…

My Scouting For Girls Pandora station.

Finally being back in the vicinity of a Taco Bell.


Watching Rehab Addict and Sex and the City like it’s my job.

Green apples.


Hurray For…

Baking cookies on a snowy night.

Cinnamon in coffee grounds.


Pink wine.

Making plans.

The fact that Will & Grace never gets old.

Hurray For…

Days I can skip the cover up.

Beer with friends. (And beer in general, for that matter.)

Catching up over Japanese food and Starbucks with my old college roombud Kit.



Microwave brownies in a mug. (How am I just now discovering these??)

Hurray For…

…Staying up late with a book, a cookie, and a glass of milk. (Or vanilla almond milk in this case.)

…Compliments–both giving and receiving them.

…New boots that you only kinda/sorta needed. (Hey, winter is coming, after all.)


…Productive Saturdays.

…This stuff.


It’s like peanut butter…MADE FROM COOKIES.

…Sky. Say what you will about Nebraska, but we have the best darn sky here.