things a single girl can do on valentine’s weekend

  1. Marathon-watch Friends.
  2. Roller skate.
  3. Work. (Might as well sign up for a shift–I mean, it’s not like you have plans, right?)
  4. Go see Deadpool.
  5. File your taxes.
  6. Constantly sneak bits from your chocolate supply.

this (three-day) weekend


Happy Easter to those who celebrate it, happy Passover to those who celebrate that, and happy just-a-regular-weekend to those who celebrate neither.

My weekend was in the latter category, but it was a day longer than usual thanks to my office being closed on Good Friday (good indeed)! So I got some chores done (laundry, grocery shopping and cleaning the bathroom floor–fun), went to my roller derby lesson on Saturday (we’re doing assessments and it kicked my ass), made spaghetti and turkey meatballs (delicious), and watched a crap-ton of Netflix (so much it’s getting its own post in the near future).

And, it’s finally warm enough to sleep with the windows open! I have them thrown wide open right now and it’s glorious. Hashtag spring fever, guys.

How was your weekend?

this weekend

Saturday was one of those “spend all day in bed in sweatpants watching Netflix” days. But I made up for it by being a busy little bee on Sunday.

First I went to Ridgewood Market, which had tables with items by a bunch of local artists. It was cool, but I didn’t find any Christmas presents like I had hoped. I did find a really cool photographer, whose name I didn’t catch (fail!). Afterwards I stopped off for brunch at Norma’s.


It was actually nice enough to eat outside! Which was good, since every table inside was taken.

Then I hopped on the train into the city to do some Christmas shopping. Rockefeller Center was also getting ready for Christmas.



I spent a few minutes taking pictures of the twinkle lights, looking like a tourist. Then I sent a few minutes looking like a lost tourist because ROCKEFELLER PLAZA DISAPPEARED. (Don’t worry, Rockefeller Plaza did not actually disappear. I just walked the wrong direction from the train station.)

Eventually I found it, and the main reason I went there: shopping for my little brother at the Lego store!


They have these bins of loose pieces you can pick out like candy–so cool. That store made me wish I was eight again.

I got some more Christmas shopping done afterwards, but I won’t go into detail since certain parties read this blog. Then I spent the rest of Sunday evening doing boring chores like laundry and grocery shopping.

How was your weekend?

october blogging challenge 26: weekend highlights


1. Watching cheesy comedies on Netflix. (What to Expect When You’re Expecting and She’s All That, if you’re curious.)

2. Getting some down time at one of my favorite coffee shops.

3. Seeing the morning sun streaming through the half-brown half-green leaves of the trees outside my window, as seen above.

4. The uber-long walk I just got back from. My legs hurt, I’m thirsty, but damn if that fresh air and exercise (not to mention the escape from my house) wasn’t exactly what I needed just now.

5. Taco Bell.

How was your weekend?

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october blogging challenge 12: weekend highlights

I didn’t post this yesterday because I wanted to wait until the weekend was over to go over its highlights. But since yesterday turned out to be kind of a bust, that was a bit pointless. I had a good day on Saturday though, between getting boxes of clothes in the mail that I had been holding at my dad’s house (hello, winter coat!), going cafe hopping while drafting up some more blog posts, and getting the book I had put on hold at the library (The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness–ever read it?). So despite the clouds and drizzle it felt like a nice, productive day.

But I think the biggest weekend highlight is that the weekend isn’t really over yet! I have the holiday off, so I may just take myself exploring later today.

What’s your weekend highlight?


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this weekend (or, how to spend the first 48 hours in a new city)

So! It’s the weekend and you have an entirely new city to explore. What do you do?

Start with breakfast.


Play sardines with strangers (aka, take the subway). If you’re lucky, some break dancers might entertain you on the A train.

Find a new place to hang out. If it involves a view like this, all the better.


Make new friends. Offering a dried cranberry is a good way to break the ice.


Have a picnic in the park.

Wander aimlessly. Pretend you have a purpose, even though you don’t. Eventually you may stumble upon something like this.


How was your weekend? Have you ever moved to a new city before?

One Sweet Weekend

I mean “sweet” in the dessert sense. I made cake batter fudge:


And undercooked chocolate chocolate chip cookies:


Best eaten hot right out of the oven. And speaking of things that are hot:


Anyone else see the new Captain America yet? Anyone else still FREAKING OUT??

How was your weekend?

This Weekend

This weekend, I…

Crammed a ton of Mexican food in my face, served on a plate twice the size of my head. (I also discovered my new favorite thing–peach margaritas, everyone. So. Freaking. Good.)

Made your basic sugar cookies. I used a recipe from this cookbook with a creepy robot Jesus on the cover:


Was wildly successful in my first attempt at making something beer battered (seafood). And by wildly successful, I mean it wasn’t that good but I ate half of it anyway.

Had my half birthday yesterday! So I got myself a present–a coffee maker that makes more than one cup of coffee at a time!


How was your weekend?

This Weekend

This weekend, I…

May or may not have watched Iron Man 3 three times in a four-day period.


You guys, I think I have a an addiction to Marvel movies.

Made these cookies, which are supposed to taste like those amazing Lofthouse cookies you buy at the grocery store.


Here’s a baking tip: make sure your cookies are fully cooked before you cool and frost them. I ate half of one and felt sick afterwards. I don’t know if it was the underdone cookie, or if there’s something about homemade frosting that disagrees with me. Either way, the lot ended up in the trash can.

When I wasn’t baking and watching superheros punch bad guys, I was a responsible adult, cleaning, working, and grocery shopping. But it wasn’t all work and no play; I definitely broke open some of my Christmas beer.

How was your weekend?

This Weekend

This weekend, I…

…had cookies for breakfast.

…finished reading The Vampire Diaries (or as I like to call it, Unhealthy Relationships with Supernatural Hotties).

…and speaking of supernatural hotties


I know, exciting stuff. But now I have going home for Thanksgiving to look forward to. How was your weekend?