go west


I didn’t grow up in Nebraska. I didn’t live there until I started college, and only stuck around for five years. But somewhere in that time, even as I was plotting my escape, it snuck into a corner of my heart and stayed there.

I always figured New York would be temporary, but had no definite plans as to where I would end up after my time here was done. California sounded nice. Pacific northwest maybe? Somewhere else along the east coast?

Ultimately I decided moving back to the Midwest was the way to go, both because being halfway across the country from my family is harder than I thought it would be and because it’s the lifestyle I’m used to. But it wasn’t until I came across a job posting in Lincoln that the idea latched onto my brain: I want to be back in Nebraska.

And, a week from today, that’s exactly where I’ll be! Back to Willa Cather-land, prairie, and Cornhuskers. (And most importantly, back to affordable rent.)

Ā I don’t regret moving to New York, but I can’t say I’ll miss it. I’m ready to be a Midwesterner again, and to settle down somewhere I can see myself long term. After all, I’m officially out of my early twenties now, and the idea of flying wherever my fancy takes me has become less appealing.

So next time you see me on this blog, I’ll officially be a Nebraskan again. Go big red!


things a single girl can do on valentine’s weekend

  1. Marathon-watch Friends.
  2. Roller skate.
  3. Work. (Might as well sign up for a shift–I mean, it’s not like you have plans, right?)
  4. Go see Deadpool.
  5. File your taxes.
  6. Constantly sneak bits from your chocolate supply.

a small update

Hey there! You may have noticed I’ve made some cosmetic changes to the blog, including to my archives page. Gotta make tweaks every now and then to keep from getting bored, right? šŸ™‚

And, if you liked my cross-stitch post, I’ve created a new blog dedicated entirely to my cross-stitch projects! You can check it out by clicking the widget in my sidebar. I’ll definitely be making some design tweaks to that blog as well in the future, but for now I just wanted to get it up and running.


new hobby


I first learned cross-stitching as a kid, and now years later I’ve decided to take it up again. These are my first two attempts; I still need a bit more practice, but since it looks like I’ll be snowed in all weekend that shouldn’t be a problem.

throwback thursday: chi-town

For some reason I’ve been reminiscing lately about the semester I spent in Chicago my junior year. This was way before The Purple Notebook was born (and way before I had a higher quality camera), but I thought I’d go ahead and share some of my favorite pics from that time anyway:




Not only was I lucky enough to be there on St. Patty’s Day, I was lucky enough to have the day off from classes on St. Patty’s Day. Yay day drinking!


Not sure what happened to my camera here. I think it was on fireworks mode.


hello again


Hello! I’m well aware that I haven’t posted since Thanksgiving. At first it was because of laziness and general apathy, and then it was because my computer was in the repair shop. But my laptop is back now and so am I, with one more post to squeeze in before 2016.

There’s not a whole lot to catch up on; I went home for Christmas (with only a ten-hour delay in travel time due to a cancelled flight–that’s fun when you’ve been up since 1:30 in the morning), received a ukulele as a present, baked some gluten-free sugar cookies, came back to New York (no flight delays this time, just a delay in the airport shuttle which made getting back to Brooklyn take nearly as long as a direct flight from Omaha to New York), had a two-day work week, and went to a comedy show in a pizza place (where I got a free beer thanks to having a friend in the lineup).


I’m not really one for resolutions, but I do have some goals going into 2016, including mastering the above-mentioned ukulele and taking up cross-stitching, among other things… So between that and my new planner full of Chinese-speaking bunnies (the things you find on Amazon, eh?), I’m ready for you, new year. Let’s do this.

random goings-on

The worst feeling is when you’re balancing your checkbook and discovered you’ve somehow misplaced a dollar…and you can’t find out where.

I’m trying very hard to convince myself that it’s not time to buy eggnog yet. Must wait a few more weeks…

The weather in New York has me very confused lately, because while it looks like the beginning of school (brown leaves and crisp autumn sunshine) it feels like the end of school (warm and muggy). This confusion is exacerbated by the fact that it’s now dark when I get off of work. What month is it??

I love living in an age where talking on the phone is almost always optional. (#introvert)

I know I probably shouldn’t be using the C-word yet (especially since it hasn’t even dropped below 50 degrees yet), but I’ve already got (most of) my Christmas presents planned and that’s a very good feeling. (I’m especially excited about the present I got my little brother…I think I’ll earn a few big sister points.)


What’s up with all ya’ll lately?

makeup bag makeover



I have a gross confession to make; I hang on to makeup way longer than you’re supposed to. There’s an expiration date for a reason, but I blatantly ignore it. I think, I paid four bucks for this, and damn it I’m going to use it all no matter how long it takes!

But I finally had enough of my grungy old makeup, and I decided to throw it all out and start over.


I cleaned my good makeup brush (something else I don’t do nearly often enough), threw away the one that was being held together by Scotch tape, and got rid of everything I had been holding on to for a year or more or just didn’t use (including a lipstick I’ve had since high school–ew!). I replaced it all with just the basics, aka only stuff I’m actually going to use–no more unused lipsticks. (Seriously, I never wear lipstick–why do I keep buying it??)


What I bought:

Maybelline Fit Me! blush in Light Pink
CoverGirl Simply Powder foundation in Ivory
CoverGirl pressed powder compact in Translucent Fair
New York Color Sky Rise mascara in Extreme Black
Wet nā€™ Wild CoverAll Coverstick

Do you also hold on to makeup for too long? What are your favorite makeup products?

imaginary itinerary: japan

My imaginary trip to England is nice, but I think one of the best reasons to travel is to learn about a culture that’s completely different than your own. And since I went through a slight manga phase in college, I think I should do that in Japan. My main stops:

1. Cherry Blossoms

Ā 150416_fuji_11

Too pretty not to see in person! (And this photo reminds me, I also want to see Mount Fuji).

2. Buddhist Temples


May seem like an odd choice for a decidedly non-religious person, but I appreciate good architecture when I see it.

3. Tea Ceremony


I’m not sure if this is something that tourists generally get to experience, but how cool would it be? It’s such a cultural staple, and I do love me a good cup of tea…

4. Gardens


Japan is abundant with them. How freaking gorgeous is that photo??

And, of course, I have to eat all the sushi…

What would you want to see on a trip to Japan?

Click each photo for source.

top 5 things i miss about college

I’ve had my BA for over two years now, but that doesn’t mean I don’t sometimes still think about what I now refer to as “the good ol’ days” (how old am I??) of college. Here’s what I’m most nostalgic about:

  1. Readily available soft serve.
  2. Free coffee at the library (and the library in general, for that matter; we had a great library).
  3. Being close to your best friends 24/7.
  4. Being just adult enough to take care of most things on your own, but not so adult that you had to worry about things like rent or Roth IRAs.
  5. The moments of carefree irresponsibility amongst all the hard work.