random goings-on

The worst feeling is when you’re balancing your checkbook and discovered you’ve somehow misplaced a dollar…and you can’t find out where.

I’m trying very hard to convince myself that it’s not time to buy eggnog yet. Must wait a few more weeks…

The weather in New York has me very confused lately, because while it looks like the beginning of school (brown leaves and crisp autumn sunshine) it feels like the end of school (warm and muggy). This confusion is exacerbated by the fact that it’s now dark when I get off of work. What month is it??

I love living in an age where talking on the phone is almost always optional. (#introvert)

I know I probably shouldn’t be using the C-word yet (especially since it hasn’t even dropped below 50 degrees yet), but I’ve already got (most of) my Christmas presents planned and that’s a very good feeling. (I’m especially excited about the present I got my little brother…I think I’ll earn a few big sister points.)


What’s up with all ya’ll lately?

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