makeup bag makeover



I have a gross confession to make; I hang on to makeup way longer than you’re supposed to. There’s an expiration date for a reason, but I blatantly ignore it. I think, I paid four bucks for this, and damn it I’m going to use it all no matter how long it takes!

But I finally had enough of my grungy old makeup, and I decided to throw it all out and start over.


I cleaned my good makeup brush (something else I don’t do nearly often enough), threw away the one that was being held together by Scotch tape, and got rid of everything I had been holding on to for a year or more or just didn’t use (including a lipstick I’ve had since high school–ew!). I replaced it all with just the basics, aka only stuff I’m actually going to use–no more unused lipsticks. (Seriously, I never wear lipstick–why do I keep buying it??)


What I bought:

Maybelline Fit Me! blush in Light Pink
CoverGirl Simply Powder foundation in Ivory
CoverGirl pressed powder compact in Translucent Fair
New York Color Sky Rise mascara in Extreme Black
Wet n’ Wild CoverAll Coverstick

Do you also hold on to makeup for too long? What are your favorite makeup products?

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  1. My summer find is Physicians Formula shimmer strips eye shadow and liner. It’s apparently gluten free and not making me sick. That is huge. I’d post a picture on here, but it doesn’t look like I can. Nice makeup bag!



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