imaginary itinerary: japan

My imaginary trip to England is nice, but I think one of the best reasons to travel is to learn about a culture that’s completely different than your own. And since I went through a slight manga phase in college, I think I should do that in Japan. My main stops:

1. Cherry Blossoms


Too pretty not to see in person! (And this photo reminds me, I also want to see Mount Fuji).

2. Buddhist Temples


May seem like an odd choice for a decidedly non-religious person, but I appreciate good architecture when I see it.

3. Tea Ceremony


I’m not sure if this is something that tourists generally get to experience, but how cool would it be? It’s such a cultural staple, and I do love me a good cup of tea…

4. Gardens


Japan is abundant with them. How freaking gorgeous is that photo??

And, of course, I have to eat all the sushi…

What would you want to see on a trip to Japan?

Click each photo for source.

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  1. Japan look so gorgeous! I really want to go see the temples and the cherry blossoms, I have seen so many pictures and the sight looks breathtaking  ❤



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