homemade smoothies

It’s summer! Or close enough, anyway, which means it’s time to trade in the multiple cups of hot tea for a more cooling beverage. I’ve been whipping up my own smoothies for as long as I remember, and lately I’ve been bringing my concoctions to work as a second breakfast (sure you can find a smoothie shop almost anywhere in the city, but they’re hella pricey).



There’s a million possible combinations, but I usually go with a 2 fruit+yogurt+liquid formula (that can be fresh or frozen fruit, and for the liquid I usually use milk, almond milk or juice).

For the above smoothie I used a banana, a handful of blueberries, vanilla yogurt, whole milk and a drizzle of honey.


Here are some other suggestions:

Bananas+yogurt+peanut butter+milk (Cocoa powder can be added too! Or, substitute the peanut butter for Nutella.)

Peaches+strawberries+yogurt+vanilla almond milk


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