tourist for a week: coney island

The day before Memorial Day, my dad and I took the incredibly short train ride from my house to Coney Island. Tip: if you’re going to go to Coney Island on a Sunday, go first thing in the morning; there’s people but it’s not too crowded. By the time the boardwalk started to fill up with crowds in the afternoon, we were already on our way out.

coney island (1)

coney island (2)

coney island (5)

coney island (6)

We strolled the length of the boardwalk, then went onto the beach before doubling back. I dipped my toes in the water and it was freezing. Which wasn’t stopping some people from swimming (without wetsuits!). Now that’s dedication.

coney island (8)

coney island (7)

coney island (3)

The Wonder Wheel is the Empire State Building of Brooklyn; you can’t have too many pictures.

coney island (4)

The trip was topped off with one of the best ice cream cones I’ve ever had. (If you ever find yourself in Brooklyn, head to Coney Island Cones; the ice cream is homemade and so good!)

Still more touristy goodness to come!

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