tourist for a week: central park and yankee stadium

The same day my dad and I walked The High Line we also went uptown and ended up visiting another public park. A little spot called Central Park–perhaps you’ve heard of it?

 central park (2)

central park (3)

central park (4)

We started close to the northern end and wandered down to 72nd Street. We came back the next day to finish the walk from 72nd to the southern end of the park.

Oh, and this was happening.

central park (1)

Another day we took the train up to the Bronx to take a peek at Yankee Stadium.

bronx (1)

Turns out the Empire State Building is visible even from the south Bronx.

bronx (2)

You’d think it was really tall or something.

Stay tuned for Coney Island and yet another park!

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