imaginary itinerary: england


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I can barely afford to travel to New Jersey, let alone abroad, but that doesn’t mean I can’t pretend that a dream vacation is in the near future and start making plans, right? So to introduce a new series on The Purple Notebook, here is my sightseeing list for my imaginary trip to England!

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1. Oxford

Walled garden for flyers_selection

More specifically, I want to visit the Botanic Garden and see if I can find Lyra and Will’s bench.

2. The World of Beatrix Potter


Is this attraction meant for children? Probably. Do I care? Absolutely not! I loved Peter Rabbit growing up, so why would I not want to see the Peter Rabbit Garden?

3. Castles


It would be sacrilegious to visit Europe without seeing at least a couple of castles, right?

4. The Jane Austen Tour and the Sherlock Holmes Museum



I am such a literature geek. Also speaking of which:

5. Platform 9¾ at Kings Cross Station


Where of course I will try to run through the wall.

Where’s your dream vacation? What England sights would you want to see? Is it weird that almost all of these are book-inspired?

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  1. When my family and I were in London in 2013, we went to King’s Cross, and it was magical! However, platform 9 3/4 has become quite the tourist trap, as you might imagine. A fake Hogwarts cart of luggage is stuck into the wall right next to a Harry Potter gift shop – haha! Still, being in the station was charming, bustling and exciting!


  2. Castles! I want to see all the castles! You forgot to mention the English bookshops that I’m sure you’d find.



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