the 12 cheesy films of christmas: a christmas kiss


An aspiring designer is mortified to learn that the mysterious man she kissed in a falling elevator is her callous boss’s boyfriend. –Netflix description

Here are the cliches employed in A Christmas Kiss:

  1. A bitchy woman who is bitchy just for the sake of being bitchy.
  2. The protagonist’s friends only talk about the protagonist’s guy problems. EVEN WHEN SHE’S NOT IN THE ROOM.
  3. The guy’s main appeal is that he likes old books and quotes Shakespeare. Oh, and he’s nice I guess.
  4. Moody background music (only Christmas-themed in this case).

I kind of wanted to hate this movie (don’t this girl’s friends have their own lives and their own problems?), but I actually found myself starting to get into it. So what if it uses every cliche in the book? So what if the characters have flat personalities? So what if there’s Perfect Guy Syndrome? This is a rom com, we expect–no, we want those things.

Seriously though, what do her friends do when the protagonist isn’t there?

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  1. There is also a lesson in this movie about standing up for yourself when people are less than kind. I took that as the main premise. I guess this also constitutes a confession that yes, I watched this movie.

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