the 12 cheesy films of christmas: a christmas wedding


Tiffany and Marcus plan to marry over the holidays, but the arrival of Tiffany’s family (and their drama) causes the couple to have second thoughts. –Netflix description

When Arthur finds out his youngest daughter is getting married, he worries about his finances as Jules (I’m not sure why the description say Tiffany and Marcus, because the couple’s names were Jules and John…did the writer change the names without notifying the marketing team?) and his wife begin to plan her lavish wedding. So, he hatches a plan to bring his other two daughters home, hoping their sibling rivalry will lead his wife to tone down the wedding. Little does he know that his jealous oldest daughter, Sharon, plans on breaking the wedding up completely.

I’ve been sharing all these movie reviews with you lately, but not my thoughtful note-taking process that goes into it. So here’s a few of the notes I took while watching A Christmas Wedding:

  • A stageplay! Excellent.
  • This woman’s been singing for over 6 minutes now.
  • 11 minutes in…lot of small talk, no plot so far…been talking about Denzel Washington for a while.
  • Now talking about bacon. A lot.
  • Back to Denzel.
  • 20:13 → There’s the plot!
  • Mom likes animal print.
  • Oh, more singing.
  • Now talking about pretzel bread.
  • The singing woman never came back.

I actually liked this movie more than I thought I would during the first 20 minutes of random conversation and singing. Like I said, it was a filmed stageplay–you just gotta love the spontaneous, unedited awkwardness that is live acting. And I thought the family (especially sibling) relationships were well done. It’s also one of those rom com plots that you know the ending of, but you don’t care because that’s part of what makes it fun.

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