the 12 cheesy films of christmas: christmas town


In a town totally consumed with the Christmas spirit, a single mom, her son and her father discover the magic and healing of the true holiday spirit. –Netflix description

Does the title of this movie make anyone else think of The Nightmare Before Christmas?

So Liz is a no-nonsense workaholic who takes her son to visit her father in Hollyville, “America’s Christmas town” (THAT’S THE TITLE). The town is full of people who love Christmas, which just highlights how much Liz needs to lighten up and “be open to possibilities.” (Why does being dedicated to your job always equal unpleasant person in these movies?) The town is also home of the mysterious N.P. Enterprises, an “international export” business that turns out to be OMG Santa’s lair! (N.P. = North Pole, get it?)

Of all the “Santa is real” Christmas movies out there, this was an enjoyable one. It was fun to watch despite some poor use of green screen and the fact that Liz’s love interest, Kevin, talks like a surfer. Also, there was no snow in the entire movie–what’s up with that??

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