the 12 cheesy films of christmas: christmas angel


While writing an assignment for school about Christmas wishes, Olivia Mead begins to notice her wishes are coming true. –Netflix description

With a description like that, you’d think it was yet another fluffy Christmas comedy with some random supernatural stuff thrown in for good fun, no?


After Olivia and her friend start making wishes on the creepy old house next door and some of the wishes come true, Olivia figures it must be an angel doing the work. But she soon discovers that it’s actually a lonely retired jazz singer named Elsie, who lives in the house, anonymously giving gifts to the children making wishes. The resulting movie is a non-comedic story with strong religious overtones (which I guess shouldn’t have surprised me, with the word “angel” being in the title; also with Christmas being a religious holiday and whatnot; also with there being a cross on the cover, which I just now noticed) whose ultimate lesson is learning how to be humble and ask for help when you need it.

Even though I took the religiosity in stride, I found the movie to be pretty…dull. I even started browsing Pinterest at one point. I thought the creepy old house might be a metaphor for something, but I got so bored that I lost interest halfway in and stopped trying to figure it out.

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