the 12 cheesy films of christmas: christmas cupid


A workaholic publicist is haunted by a newly deceased client, who pressures her to reform and reunite with a former flame to find love by Christmas. –Netflix description

Sloan is a high-strung publicist with a hot mess of an actress for a client. But after the client, Caitlin, chokes to death on a martini olive, she comes back as a ghost to tell Sloan that she needs to change her ways and will be visited by three ghosts (the ghosts of “ex-mas”) before Christmas.

Wait a minute–haven’t I heard this one before?

Okay, it’s another Christmas Carol remake. We all know this story. We all know right away what exactly it is Sloan has to change in order for her to not end up alone for the rest of her life. But despite that, I still liked this movie. Here’s why:

  1. Caitlin is hilarious.
  2. Chad Michael Murray!
  3. It (just barely) passes the Bechdel test (quite the feat for a movie centered on the main character’s love life). Sloan’s best friend, Jenny, is not just there to talk to Sloan about men; she’s too busy running her own business for that.
  4. Even though always putting work first was part of her problem, Sloan doesn’t have to give up her career to be happy in love; at the end, she gets the promotion and still gets the guy.
  5. Chad Michael Murray.

Not that there aren’t problems. Everyone’s a bit too quick to drop the word “slut”. And why does Sloan becoming a better person hinge on her love life?

Feminist rant over.

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