the 12 cheesy films of christmas: a country christmas


After a disgruntled politician succeeds in a global campaign to ban the myth of Santa Claus, two kids must help Kris Kringle regain his magic powers. –Netflix description

We’re taking a break from rom coms for something a bit more family-oriented. This is another one of those “Santa is real you just have to BELIEVE” movies. It starts with a state senator banning belief in Santa Claus (because he got a lump of coal as a child–way to hold a grudge, dude), and the ensuing lack of belief causes Santa’s powers to weaken, and he ends up in a small-town family’s barn.

Although, can I say I found the senator’s arguments against Santa Claus quite pragmatic and reasonable? I guess that’s just the secularist in me. Anyway, the big moral of the story is that we need to believe in Santa because we need to believe in love and happiness (IT’S A METAPHOR), and all you need is love. (Ba da da da da.)

So we have magic, bad special effects, a terrible Santa wig, and two hilarious kids (who aren’t too bad for child actors on a cable TV movie). So except for a random and pointless scene where the family’s goat and horse eat some magic grain and start talking (thank goodness that doesn’t last for long), this is a pretty fun movie, if you don’t mind watching something more kid-ish.

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