the 12 cheesy films of christmas: a holiday engagement


Hilary’s plan to hire a good-looking guy to act as her boyfriend backfires when she brings him home for the holidays to try and fool her family. –Netflix description

Oops, this one actually takes place over the Thanksgiving weekend, so it’s actually more of a pre-Christmas movie than a Christmas movie. But there’s Christmas music in it so it still counts.

Anyway, Hilary is another blonde protagonist with a snarky brunette friend. At the beginning of the movie she’s excited to bring her fiancee home for Thanksgiving to meet her family, only to be dumped for I guess not being wife-y enough?

But this is a rom com, so of course Hilary can’t go home single, because her mom (played by the fabulous Shelley Long wearing some fabulous glasses) is one of those “my daughters must have perfect weddings to perfect men” types. Yep, she’s Mrs. Bennett from Pride and Prejudice. So, Hilary hires an attractive actor, David, with gravity-defying hair (seriously, it’s great) to play the fiancee that dumped her.

And hilarity ensues! Hilary’s lie gets bigger as her mom becomes obsessed with planning the wedding (that isn’t going to happen) and the family gets to know her “fiancee”. But then OH NO THE REAL FIANCEE SHOWS UP. The family gets (rightfully) pissed, David leaves and Hilary and the Jerk (whose name I forgot) are briefly reunited. Luckily, Hilary (and her family) realize the Jerk is a jerk, and she runs off to David in the Jerk’s car and then they get married! (Oh, I guess I should have called spoilers before blurting that out. Eh, you knew it was coming.)

As long as you don’t think too hard about it, this movie is pretty enjoyable. Despite somewhat lazy character development (once again, we have a hero with Perfect Guy Syndrome) and not really being able to figure out why it was Hilary and David fell in love with each other, I had fun watching it and actually laughed out loud a few times.

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  1. I’m enjoying your movie reviews! The blonde-damsel-in-distress-with-a-brunette-friend stereotype is rather interesting, don’t you think? Where do red-heads fit in?

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