this weekend

Saturday was one of those “spend all day in bed in sweatpants watching Netflix” days. But I made up for it by being a busy little bee on Sunday.

First I went to Ridgewood Market, which had tables with items by a bunch of local artists. It was cool, but I didn’t find any Christmas presents like I had hoped. I did find a really cool photographer, whose name I didn’t catch (fail!). Afterwards I stopped off for brunch at Norma’s.


It was actually nice enough to eat outside! Which was good, since every table inside was taken.

Then I hopped on the train into the city to do some Christmas shopping. Rockefeller Center was also getting ready for Christmas.



I spent a few minutes taking pictures of the twinkle lights, looking like a tourist. Then I sent a few minutes looking like a lost tourist because ROCKEFELLER PLAZA DISAPPEARED. (Don’t worry, Rockefeller Plaza did not actually disappear. I just walked the wrong direction from the train station.)

Eventually I found it, and the main reason I went there: shopping for my little brother at the Lego store!


They have these bins of loose pieces you can pick out like candy–so cool. That store made me wish I was eight again.

I got some more Christmas shopping done afterwards, but I won’t go into detail since certain parties read this blog. Then I spent the rest of Sunday evening doing boring chores like laundry and grocery shopping.

How was your weekend?

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