on making friends as an adult

Sometimes, I’ll see someone who looks around my age on the subway or the street and think at them, “Will you be my friend?”

I’ve been in New York for nearly three months now (holy crap), and although I’ve met a few new people, I have yet to make new friends. Not going to lie, I have some serious bouts of loneliness.

It seems like if you don’t belong to a school or church, it’s nearly impossible to meet anyone. And seeing as most people are plugged into their headphones are looking down at their smartphones when they’re out and about, it’s kind of hard to meet anyone naturally. I know the general advice in this area is to join an activity, which is why I’ve been utilizing Meetup.com. And although the few social outings I’ve been to as a result have been fun, they have yet to lead to hanging out with someone just for the sake of each other’s company.

But, I suppose it’s still early days. And I suppose it will take me, as an awkward introvert, longer than others to find a group (or even just an individual) that I’m comfortable with. And I suppose this is just what happens when you move to a city where you hardly know anyone.



Has anyone else had this issue? How did you meet people?

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