random goings-on

After working a bit Saturday, I decided I didn’t want to go home yet and so sat in an Upper West Side cafe. The font on their sign is in Curlz MT. “Happy” played overhead and I thought, people are still listening to this song?

I’ve never had much of a sweet tooth but lately I’ve been craving cookies ALL THE TIME. The discovery of the black and white cookie will be the death of me.

A job that involves lots of filing has left me with (I’m pretty sure) permanently torn up cuticles. And I’m strangely proud of my “battle scars.”

I get annoyed when a loud group of young people gets on the train or walks into Dunkin Donuts, but then I remember I was the exact same way with my friends in high school.

I completely forgot that one of my Pinterest boards existed.

For some reason I have been having trouble holding the shift button on my keyboard down long enough to produce a colon, and therefore have been making winky faces when I want just regular smiley faces.

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  1. I blame the colder weather. I’ve been existing on gingerbread cookies for a week.

    The Awkward Blog



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