october blogging challenge 25: your favorite things about the holidays

1. Aesthetics. I love how the people who get into decorating for the holidays really get into it. Lights everywhere, huge blow-up lawn decorations, paper leaves and snowflakes strung up; it’s all fantastic.

2. Seasonal food. Would I be as crazy about egg nog if I had it all year round? Probably not. Also, those little break-and-bake sugar cookies with the pictures of jack-o-lanterns or Christmas trees on them. I may or may not have eating an entire box of those by myself once. (Not all in one sitting, at least.) Although to be honest, I am not into the pumpkin trend; I mean, I don’t dislike pumpkin, but really, what’s so great about it? Even for only a couple months out of the year? It’s just a squash.

3. Days off. Because really, who wants to work/go to school when it’s cold and grey out? It’s so nice to have a socially acceptable excuse to stay in, watch movies and eat as much as possible.

4. Bad TV movies. Self explanatory. Thank you Lifetime, Hallmark Channel and ABC Family.

What’s your favorite thing about the holidays?


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