october blogging challenge 23: your favorite past halloween costumes

No pictures to accompany this post, sorry! But my favorite costumes from recent years are:

1. The cat’s pajamas. I wore pajamas and cat ears. The best part of this costume is how inexpensive it is. Cat ears were only a dollar and I already owned pajamas.

2. Miss Scarlet from Clue. One of the projects for a theater costume class I took was to take one or more articles of clothing from Goodwill and transform them into a Halloween costume. I found The Prom Dress From Hell (I’m talking poofy sleeves and lace, people, and an attached pearl necklace. An attached pearl necklace.) and completely changed it into an un-poofy, off-the-shoulder dress (and I carried a wrench with me). I was proud of this one just because of all the work I put into it. (I got an A on the project too, in case you were wondering.)

3. Trending. I took a white T-shirt and wrote #costume on it with a Sharpie. Lazy? Maybe. But it was cheap and I got two years of use out of it.

What are your favorite past Halloween costumes?


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