october blogging challenge 15: link love

Here’s a few nifty articles I’ve come across this past week:

A breakdown of some common “Mythconceptions.” Some of these I already knew, but several really surprised me.

I hate country music as a general rule, but this song is pretty great.

These findings on gender bias in movies are important.

And once again Buzzfeed nails it.

And I’ve found these blog posts particularly enjoyable:

Molly’s mini chicken pot pies look fantastic!

As always, Beth’s photos are stunning, especially these of her gathering from scratch workshop.

I love reading The Squeaky Robot’s tales of her adventures in Hanoi.

Rosie has a knack of taking something as simple as a walk through the countryside and making it seem like the most magical thing ever.

Sally’s Wonderful Wednesday posts are always a good reminder to enjoy the little things.

To see all the blogs I love, check out my blogroll.

What have you enjoyed reading lately?


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