october blogging challenge 10: ten things not many people know about you

1. I don’t like cranberry juice and I don’t like grape juice, but I do like cranberry-grape juice.

2. I will purposely mispronounce words in my head for my own amusement.

3. My middle name is Justine.

4. I’m an atheist.

5. I’ve got a roller derby name picked out for myself, even though I don’t play (yet). (I won’t say what it is, just in case.)

6. I kind of want to be a hipster.

7. I cry every time I read The Amber Spyglass. (And I’ve read it a lot.)

8. I like to collect business cards. What am I going to do with the hundreds of business cards now in my possession? No clue.

9. I wear men’s glasses.

10. I was voted most likely to succeed in high school. This disappointed me, because I wanted to be voted class clown.

Your turn! What’s a fact about yourself not many people know?


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  1. You should make little notebooks out of the business cards. Or a collage.



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