october blogging challenge 6: six pet peeves you have

Normally I like to keep things positive, happy, and upbeat on this little ol’ blog of mine. But thanks to Gracie’s blogging challenge, I now have free reign to piss and moan about things that bug me. (Thanks Gracie!) If you don’t like pissing and moaning, feel free to skip reading this post. I won’t blame you; I don’t like to read pissing and moaning either. But here goes:

1. People who listen to their iPods without headphones in public, so anyone can hear it.

Really people?? This is so rude, and an invasion of personal space. When I’m tired, sweaty, and packed into a crowded subway car at rush hour, the last thing I want is to listen to you blasting Charli XCX.

2. Or, people who do have their headphones on but have the music turned up so loud you can hear it anyway.

Have fun being deaf later.

3. When the dish-cleaning sponge is left in the sink.

I don’t want to scrub my dishes with the crap I just rinsed off of them.

4. People who stand in front of the cash register after their transaction is over, sorting their purse.

This is annoying for the person in line behind you, and awkward for the cashier. Step to the side, then put away your change.

5. Mean comments on social/online media.

I understand disagreeing with a person’s status or an online article, and I fully respect your right to express that disagreement, but is being nasty, cruel-spirited and resorting to personal attacks necessary? Keep it civil, folks.

6. Loud eating noises.

Which may be a bit unfair, because most people are probably unaware/unable to control their eating noises, and I’m sure I make some amount of noise when I eat too. But that doesn’t stop it from grossing me out.

Whew–that was actually quite cathartic. Your turn; what are your major pet peeves? You can be as pissy and moany as you want–I won’t classify it under pet peeve #5. 🙂


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  1. “4. People who stand in front of the cash register after their transaction is over, sorting their purse.” <— haha, so with you!!

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