trying something new

So lately it seems like my blogging process has been pretty sporadic. And I’m getting a little bored with my usual pictures/lists format. So to get myself out of this rut and push my blogging boundaries, I decided to take up this October Blogging Challenge, created by Gracie at Girl Meets Life.


So let’s jump right in! Goals for October:

  1. Try new things. I know that’s annoyingly vague, but I haven’t come up with anything specific yet (other than this challenge).
  2. Meet new people. I’m actually doing pretty good at this already; starting a new job helps, and also, if you decide to make like I did and move to a city where you know practically no people (save one college bud), I recommend utilizing
  3. Survive my first New York City Halloween. (Surviving New York City in general seems like a pretty good goal, actually.)

I’m going to leave it at those three for now; I feel like those are plenty to tide me over for a month.

What are your October goals?

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