Cocktail(s) of the Month: Highball and Summer Cold Brew Bourbon Cocktail

In this installment of trying to finish off the whiskey cocktail of the month, I decided to branch out and try two different cocktails (not on the same day though; my tolerance is not that high). I also went in a much more summer-y direction than I did last month, with cool, iced drinks.


First up was a highball from, as usual, See Mix Drink. I love simple cocktails that only require two ingredients; you can just whip it right up on the spot whenever the mood strikes you.


Then I tried a Summer Cold Brew Bourbon Cocktail, which I found on the Free People Blog through (duh) Pinterest. I love me some iced coffee in the summer, and this was like iced coffee times ten. SO delicious!

What are your favorite cold cocktails to drink on a summer day?

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