My Favorite Movies That Pass The Bechdel Test

As a movie lover/girl who wrote a lot of feminist analyses in college, I’ve noticed that a lot of movies can be, well, let’s say unkind to their female characters. That’s why I get super excited whenever I come across a movie that doesn’t just brush women aside.

The Bechdel test isn’t the only, or even the best, way to tell if a movie is female-friendly, but it is a good start. So in honor of Women’s History Month (you didn’t think I’d get through March without acknowledging it, did you?), here are some of my favorite movies sitting on my DVD shelf that pass the test:

Mean Girls


It’s pretty much impossible to go wrong when Tina Fey is involved. And even though the young women characters spend the majority of the movie being bitchy to each other, the lesson we walk away with is, That’s not cool, ya’ll.

The Princess Diaries


Who would have thought a Disney princess movie would not only pass the Bechdel test, but lap it and pass it several more times? There are so many cool women in this movie; Mia, Lily, Helen, Clarisse. And the message that young women have the power to change the world for the better? Okay in my book.



Okay, so this movie barely passes, but it’s one of my favorites so I couldn’t not mention it. And between the makeovers and the matchmaking, you have a story about friendship and learning how to own up to your mistakes. Plus, it’s based on Jane Austen’s Emma, so that rocks.

Whip It


Remember those feminist analyses I mentioned? May or may not have written one on this movie. And as far as I’m concerned, roller derby is the coolest sport ever. What’s not to love about women building friendships while playing a rough and tumble sport in tights? Also, Ellen Page? Major girl crush.

What are your favorite female-friendly movies?

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  1. Steel Magnolias is the top of my list!


  2. Gayle

     /  March 24, 2014

    You did, in fact, do a presentation on Whip It, and may I say, it was phenomenal! My fave is Under the Tuscan Sun, but I think you know that….



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