My Valentine’s Day Presents to Myself


“Bad Self Portraits” by Lake Street Dive and “Oh, What a Life” by American Authors

This Valentine’s Day, I gave myself the gift of kick-bottom music.

Let’s start with a new discovery for me, Lake Street Dive. I wasn’t even aware of this band’s existence until I heard a review for their new album, “Bad Self Portraits,” on NPR (that’s right, I listen to NPR now–I feel like such an adult). As soon as I heard the jazzy, poppy tunes, my first thought was I must have this. It only took one listen of the single Bad Self Portraits to get it stuck in my head.

I first became familiar with the song Best Day of My Life by American Authors because of this Lowe’s commercial. My immediate reaction was, Boy, this song is catchy! And when I heard the full song on the radio for the first time I fell even more in love with it. The rest of the songs on their EP have the same optimism and upbeat…beats (writing is hard). I will probably be singing Luck in my head all weekend.

The only bad part is both of these albums are pre-order only right now, so I have to wait to get the full experience. But that will just make it better, right?

My other Valentine’s Day gift to myself was a student loan payment. Woo!

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