Salmon Puffs

I inherited an old company cookbook that was lying around my mom’s house, and I decided to make use of it. Here’s the recipe I pulled:


I cut the recipe roughly into thirds. (I didn’t actually measure anything; but I used a small can of salmon instead of a full-sized can, so I estimated the amount of the rest of the ingredients based on that.) And, it wasn’t until the day I decided to make this that I realized I didn’t have any bread in my house, and therefore no bread crumbs. (Besides the ones in my toaster. Ew.) So I just sprinkled some Bisquick on it. Because Bisquick is awesome. I added some diced white onion too. Also, because of the smaller amount, I used a round cake pan instead of a casserole dish and baked for 30 minutes instead of 45.


I’m not sure why the recipe is called Salmon Puffs. When I first read the title I expected bite-size salmon-ball-type treats. But it’s more of a salmon loaf/casserole thingy. At least, it was while it was in the pan. When I moved it to the plate it turned more into a salmon mush.


Is this what I get for not measuring my ingredients??

Taste-wise though, I really liked this! Soft on the inside, with a nice crispy outer layer. It reminded me a bit of the salmon loafs we used to have when I was a kid. I will probably make this again.

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