Cocktail of the Month: Bellini

You guys, I have a confession to make. Sometimes, I make impulse buys. I see something, I want it, I buy it. That’s exactly what happened last month when I saw Brian D. Murphy’s See Mix Drink cocktail recipe book while I was grocery shopping.


I also bought a cocktail shaker. You know, because it was just sitting there.

Luckily it was fairly inexpensive, but I still feel like I have to justify my purchase. So, I’ve decided that each month I’m going to make a cocktail from Murphy’s book. This month, I decided to start with a champagne cocktail (it is the New Year, after all) called a Bellini.


The recipe called for peach puree. Before I made it, I thought, “Hey! I have a blender. I can puree my own peaches!”

The theory was great. The execution was not (that could be my life’s motto). My blender decided it was too cool to finish the puree job. (And FYI, trying to puree something on your own with a fork doesn’t work either.) What I ended up with was basically champagne with chunks of peach in it (not necessarily bad, but not exactly what I was going for).


However, Murphy also suggests substituting peach puree with peach schnapps. Which of course I did. Much better.

Bellini: sweet, bubbly, just like your best friend.

Every try a Bellini? What’s your favorite cocktail?

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  1. Gayle

     /  January 11, 2014

    Did Grandma’s blender bite the dust? That thing is older than you!!



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