This Weekend

This weekend, I…

May or may not have watched Iron Man 3 three times in a four-day period.


You guys, I think I have a an addiction to Marvel movies.

Made these cookies, which are supposed to taste like those amazing Lofthouse cookies you buy at the grocery store.


Here’s a baking tip: make sure your cookies are fully cooked before you cool and frost them. I ate half of one and felt sick afterwards. I don’t know if it was the underdone cookie, or if there’s something about homemade frosting that disagrees with me. Either way, the lot ended up in the trash can.

When I wasn’t baking and watching superheros punch bad guys, I was a responsible adult, cleaning, working, and grocery shopping. But it wasn’t all work and no play; I definitely broke open some of my Christmas beer.

How was your weekend?

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