Three Ways to Shake Up Boring Meals

I like to experiment with food. Nothing quite beats the feeling of cooking something new and succeeding. Realistically, though, most days when I get home from work the last thing I want to do is go all out with something fancy. That usually leaves me with either something microwaveable or something simple (read, boring). But, over the years I have come up with some ways to pep up those boring mid-week meals. Here are a few examples:

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Grilled cheese can be great when you’re too lazy to do much more than slap some cheese and bread in a greasy pan. But if you want a slightly more grown-up version, try replacing the cheddar singles with something fun, like brie or goat cheese. And to make it really fancy (ish), try adding sliced fruit like apples or pears. Works best on thick, grainy bread.


I always keep at least three varieties of pasta in my cabinet, because it’s the perfect go-to meal when I come home tired and just want to sit in front of the computer with a bowl of something warm. But if you get tired of the same old red sauce (which, frankly, kind of grosses me out), try replacing it with just a smidge of olive oil and lots of seasonings. Add-ins like cheese, olives and shrimp can never go amiss either. Want even more of a kick? Try a dash of lemon or lime juice.


Straight-up baked or fried chicken can be good, but if you want something with more of a unique taste, try coating it in a mix of brown sugar and ginger tea leaves before baking. The mixture of sweet and savory can never go wrong.

But of course, some days you just have to be lazy:


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