Book Review: One Fifth Avenue


One Fifth Avenue by Candace Bushnell

Without any cable to get my Sex and the City fix, I decided to check out one of Candace Bushnell’s novels from the library. There were several to choose from, so I randomly picked One Fifth Avenue.

I knew Bushnell wrote her books based more on characters than an action-driven plot, so I wasn’t sure whether or not I would like this. And it did take me a while to get into it. There are a lot of characters to keep track of at first. I made the mistake of reading thirty pages before going home for Thanksgiving, and then not reading any of it for four days. By the time I picked it up again, I was like, “Who are these people??”

But once I got everyone straight, I really enjoyed this book. Again, it’s more about the characters and their personal interactions than a plot, which I know many people find really boring (just check out the plethora of bad reviews on Goodreads). But Bushnell creates vivid, complex characters, and that for me is what kept it from being boring.

But, if you’re the kind of reader who needs an action-y plot…don’t read this. You won’t like it.

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