The Thing About Being a Proofreader


Image source unknown. If you know who owns this image, please let me know so I can give proper credit!

When you’re a full-time proofreader (or as some people call it, “Don’t they have spell check?”), life can be a little different. For example:

You notice oxford commas. EVERYWHERE.

You get a feeling of triumph whenever you find a mistake in a published work. This never would have happened on your watch!

You constantly have ink stains on your hands. (And sometimes on your clothes, if you’re a notorious pen dropper.)

Seeing misused apostrophes makes you about as sad as watching these commercials.

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  1. Gayle

     /  November 24, 2013

    English teachers feel the same way. Long live the Oxford comma! It’s clear, concise, and coherent. As for apostrophes, you know what they really are, right? They’re commas with a high opinion of themselves.



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