Adventures in Cooking

I kept my kitchen fairly busy this week. It started on Sunday, when I made both Bisquick Coffee Cake and No Time Bread in one afternoon. And my poor oven still didn’t get a break, because shortly after I baked garlic hamburgers, which I topped with homemade guacamole:


The burgers are just ground beef and minced garlic, mixed together and baked. (I can’t remember the temp. or time–about 20 minutes at 375 maybe?) The guacamole is avocado, fresh Nebraska corn and cilantro.

Then on Wednesday was my big cooking experiment of the week, this recipe for Thai Chicken and Coconut Soup that I found (where else?) on Pinterest:


I tweaked the recipe a bit. I left out the rice, added seaweed and used red peppers instead of chili peppers. Also, apparently you can’t get Asian fish sauce in small-town Nebraska (who knew?), so I tried Hoisin sauce instead. Which was a bit scary, especially since I had no idea what Hoisin sauce was, but it turned out fairly good. It’s tangy, and reminds me a bit of barbeque sauce.

Then yesterday it was back to making up simple recipes (and trying to use up the cilantro I bought for the soup), so I made turkey bacon-wrapped shrimp topped with cilantro:


This is the best-looking one, hence the closeup. Probably should have gotten some toothpicks or something to hold them together.

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