This Weekend

This weekend I…

Discovered and watched this entire web series.


Finally finished off Das Zucchini. I took my sister’s suggestion and made zucchini pasta, which I fried up with onion and shrimp.


Rented Now You See Me from Redbox. Magic! Mysterious person in a hoodie! Mark Ruffalo! So cheesy, but I had fun watching it.

Followed Now You See Me with New York, I Love You, which I found for four dollars at Family Dollar. (Yay cheap way to fuel my New York City obsession!)

Read this entire book in one day.


Daytripper by Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon.

I didn’t write a review on Goodreads because I didn’t feel like I could do it justice. Let’s just say it’s good and leave it at that.

How was your guys’ weekends?

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