Das Zucchini

It didn’t take very long for me to resume normalcy after my power came back on. Saturday night I celebrated by watching both versions of State Fair. (I highly recommend the 1945 version over the 1962 version.) Then yesterday it was back to running and reading, and one of my favorite weekend activities: baking!

Last weekend I went to Denver to visit a friend. She was staying there with another friend, and when we went to her house she gave me this mother of a zucchini:


To give you more of a perspective, here it is taking up an entire shelf in my fridge:


So I decided the logical thing to do was to make oodles of zucchini bread. I’d never made any sort of produce-based bread before (although I have made this amazing bread recipe from Local Milk), so I was pretty excited. After looking all over town for some loaf pans and not having any luck (Seriously, how does Walmart not carry those?), I decided to use my round cake pan, and to make muffins as well.

I used this recipe from Smitten Kitchen. I doubled the recipe, and still I had massive amounts of zucchini left.


I could have easily quadrupled the recipe, except my largest mixing bowl was just big enough for a double batch. (Also I didn’t have enough eggs.)

I ended up with three dozen delicious muffins and one loaf (cake?) of bread. I brought the muffins to work to share (where I promptly dropped an entire dozen on the floor).


Anyone know any other zucchini recipes I could try?

P.S. Also, I got my first baking-related injury! From the massive knife I had to use to cut through the uber-zucchini? Ironically, no. I scraped my thumb up trying to open the stubborn cap on the vegetable oil that refused to come off. (Oh, and I burned my hand on a rogue muffin.)

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  1. Gayle

     /  September 17, 2013

    At least you have to pay for your own injuries now.



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