[insert clever title of my first ever blog post here]

            I had a plan for today. I was going to have a healthy breakfast, go for a run, come home and start this blog. I had my first post written and ready to go. About how I always hesitated to start a blog because my life wasn’t exciting enough, bla bla, but I decided that’s okay because a lot of my favorite bloggers do nothing more than simply chronicle their everyday lives.

            Well, if I wanted excitement before I started blogging, I got it—I am now sitting in the local coffee shop for the next several hours because my apartment building had a fire.

            I’m fine—and so is my apartment and everything in it, thank goodness—but there was a lot of water damage from the sprinklers and so the fire department had to shut the power off for the foreseeable future. Most everyone in the building has friends and family to go to. Me, being still relatively new in town, have the coffee shop to hunker down in.

            This definitely isn’t how I imagined my blogging career starting. I had it planned to the T: I had several post ideas lined up, I had my about section written and my WordPress theme picked out, and I was going to start my blog today with upbeat, funny, and random posts. But, one lesson I’m still having trouble learning is that plans don’t always work. And the only thing you can do about it is to put your unwashed hair in a ponytail, grab some coffee and hope the other patrons don’t notice that you just washed your face in the public bathroom.

            So, here’s my blog. Hopefully future posts will be a bit more mundane. I imagine myself writing book reviews, chronicling my cooking experiments, and sharing things I find on Pinterest, not small emergencies.

            But that would be considered planning; and we all know now how that can go.

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  1. Oh, I am enjoying this. Now I don’t even have to call you to get the news–I can stalk you here.


  2. Melanie McCalmont

     /  September 14, 2013

    “Surprise is key in all art.” –Oscar Niemeyer Good luck, keep writing!



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