I Am Freakin’ Lucky

After moping around town for a bit, I decided to suck it up and head back to my apartment. Good thing I did, too, because about an hour later the inspector knocked on my door to survey the damage. Somehow, my apartment had managed to stay dry despite all the other units around me getting water damage from the sprinklers. I was all prepared to rough it out for the night with no electricity, but the inspector was able to turn my power back on!

So now I can blog from the comfort of my office instead of the coffee shop or Perkins, where I am always paranoid that someone is looking at my screen over my shoulder.

If I believed in supernatural beings, I’d be thanking them, because somehow I have a knack for being able to avoid disaster. (Although I did decide to wait until after my eggs were done boiling before sitting down to write this post. For some reason I’m now awfully reluctant to leave a stove unattended…)

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  1. Jeff

     /  September 15, 2013

    Love your new blog. Happy the fire didn’t have a bigger impact on you.



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