pinsday (aka pinterest wednesday)

Oh hey! It’s been a while. Here are my favorite finds from Pinterest this week:

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pics post | snow day


There was a big hullabaloo leading up to the blizzard in New York this past week. So of course it was over and the sun was out by two or three that afternoon. But I still got a day off work, so everyone wins.



pics post | the leftovers

I take a lot more photos than what eventually ends up on the blog. Usually a photo doesn’t make the cut because there’s another photo I like just a little bit better, a random passerby awkwardly inserted himself into the frame, or it’s just plain crap. So they get squirreled away in my hard drive, never to see the light of the Internet.

I did some digging through my archives to give a few of my leftover pictures a chance to shine. Most are from the city, and a few go back to my Nebraska days.

DSCN0859 DSCN0529 DSCN0572 DSCN0981 DSCN0900 DSCN0862 DSCN0542 DSCN1072 DSCN0125 DSCN0881 DSCN0938

random goings-on

One of the things I like about watching high school-centered movies is the yearbook graphics almost all of them employ.

I got away with having only one drink at a two-drink minimum comedy club. My rebellious streak continues.

I like it when celebrities play themselves on TV shows.

A dog tied outside the local bagel shop was staring into the shop’s window so longingly it broke my heart a little.

I know I’m over a decade late jumping on this bandwagon, but Firefly is such a good show, guys!

A house on my street is all decked out for President’s Day. I’ve never seen President’s Day decorations outside of an elementary school before. It was excellent.

pinsday (aka pinterest wednesday)

Here are my favorite finds from Pinterest this week:

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bucket list

Participate in National Novel Writing Month.

Run the New York City Marathon. (Step one was actually living in NYC, so I’m already on the right track on this one. Step two: running.)

Visit the places my ancestors came from (and I don’t mean Omaha).

Finally read the books on my want-to-read list.

Road trip across the country.


What’s on your bucket list?


pics post: nye in nyc

These were all taken on New Year’s Eve. I took a short walk in Central Park before work. The sun was out, the air was crisp, and my favorite song was playing on my iPod:

DSCN1139 DSCN1141 DSCN1137

After work, as you already know, I popped over to Times Square to catch the action:

DSCN1143 DSCN1151 DSCN1144

the biggest party in the world

times square (1)

times square (2)

New Year’s Eve. Times Square. 2015.

hurray for (christmas edition!)


Hurray for…

The smell of real Christmas trees on the sidewalk.

All the house lights on my street.

The treats! (I was a little worried about my grocery budget this month, but with all the food flying around the office I needn’t have worried.)

Being finished with my shopping/wrapping/card composing/shipping early. Holiday stress? What’s that?


Merry Christmas and happy holidays everybody!

the 12 cheesy films of christmas: a christmas kiss


An aspiring designer is mortified to learn that the mysterious man she kissed in a falling elevator is her callous boss’s boyfriend. –Netflix description

Here are the cliches employed in A Christmas Kiss:

  1. A bitchy woman who is bitchy just for the sake of being bitchy.
  2. The protagonist’s friends only talk about the protagonist’s guy problems. EVEN WHEN SHE’S NOT IN THE ROOM.
  3. The guy’s main appeal is that he likes old books and quotes Shakespeare. Oh, and he’s nice I guess.
  4. Moody background music (only Christmas-themed in this case).

I kind of wanted to hate this movie (don’t this girl’s friends have their own lives and their own problems?), but I actually found myself starting to get into it. So what if it uses every cliche in the book? So what if the characters have flat personalities? So what if there’s Perfect Guy Syndrome? This is a rom com, we expect–no, we want those things.

Seriously though, what do her friends do when the protagonist isn’t there?

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