exploring central park

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A couple days ago I went exploring in Central Park. I didn’t find any of the famous parts that are always in movies, but I did find a body of water and a violinist under a bridge. Afterwards I got lost and had a hamburger.

I’ll be doing more city exploring in the future, but for now apartment hunting is my top priority on my down time. Stay tuned!

this weekend (or, how to spend the first 48 hours in a new city)

So! It’s the weekend and you have an entirely new city to explore. What do you do?

Start with breakfast.


Play sardines with strangers (aka, take the subway). If you’re lucky, some break dancers might entertain you on the A train.

Find a new place to hang out. If it involves a view like this, all the better.


Make new friends. Offering a dried cranberry is a good way to break the ice.


Have a picnic in the park.

Wander aimlessly. Pretend you have a purpose, even though you don’t. Eventually you may stumble upon something like this.


How was your weekend? Have you ever moved to a new city before?

reasons i’m excited to move to new york


Via Tamara Peterson

You guys, everything about my move has fallen into place so quickly. When I first left my job in order to pursue my dream of moving to New York City, I didn’t have a job or a place to stay. What was supposed to be a few weeks of staying with  my mom turned into a few months, a couple of possible living situations fell through, and there was more than one moment of panic and doubt.

But even though I took a ready-fire-aim approach, in the last couple of weeks I just got so lucky and everything is set! I now have employment and a place to stay (albeit a temporary one, but it’s still nice to have a place to set your coffee maker). Also, can I just give a shout-out to my parents for being so awesome and supportive of the fact that their daughter made a big, reckless (and possibly stupid–we shall see) decision to leave gainful employment so she could move to a new city for no apparent reason? Thanks M and D!

So, here’s to a new life and a new layout! (Do you like?) I hop on my plane tomorrow, and here’s some of the reasons I’m looking forward to landing in NYC!

  1. Having actual New York cheesecake.
  2. Trying everything on this list.
  3. The beautiful photo ops.
  4. All the cool locally owned coffee shops I’m gonna find.
  5. NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY. (cough*geek*cough)
  6. Spider-Man lives there.

What I’ve Been Up To Lately

Scan0001 (3)

Taken on my eighth grade field trip to New York.

Whew! I’m feeling pretty overwhelmed nowadays. It’s been a while since I did a post where I just share with ya’ll what’s been going on in my life, so here’s some of the stuff I’ve been up to the past week or so:

Watching Three’s Company marathons.

Working, then working some more.

Debating whether or not to chop my hair into a pixie a la Jennifer Lawrence.

Reading The Complete Tales of Winnie-The-Pooh. (I don’t care how old you are, those books are great.)

Seeing American Authors perform live! I managed to win tickets to a small acoustic show, and it was amazing. (Photos here. See if you can spot yours truly!)

And, lastly, losing sleep due to excitement because I finally have an official moving date for New York City! And it’s in two weeks!!

Which brings me to my next announcement: since I’ll be busy sorting out all the details of my move (the biggest of which is, how am I actually going to transport myself halfway across the country??), I’m going to put the blog on the back burner and not post for a little while. But I’ll return in two weeks, and when I do I’ll have a surprise!

What have you been up to lately? What’s the coolest concert you’ve ever been to?

July Pics

DSCN0839 DSCN0773 DSCN0789 DSCN0829

Tea Sachet Wisdom 2


Happiness comes from contentment.


Experience the warmth and love of your soul.


Practice kindness, mercy and forgiveness.


Love is where compassion prevails and kindness rules.


When ego is lost, limit is lost.


To learn, read. To know, write. To master, teach.


Live from your heart, you will be most effective.

Tea Sachet Wisdom 1

Pinsday (aka Pinterest Wednesday)

Here are my favorite finds from Pinterest this week:

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Click on each image for source.

Cocktail(s) of the Month: Highball and Summer Cold Brew Bourbon Cocktail

In this installment of trying to finish off the whiskey cocktail of the month, I decided to branch out and try two different cocktails (not on the same day though; my tolerance is not that high). I also went in a much more summer-y direction than I did last month, with cool, iced drinks.


First up was a highball from, as usual, See Mix Drink. I love simple cocktails that only require two ingredients; you can just whip it right up on the spot whenever the mood strikes you.


Then I tried a Summer Cold Brew Bourbon Cocktail, which I found on the Free People Blog through (duh) Pinterest. I love me some iced coffee in the summer, and this was like iced coffee times ten. SO delicious!

What are your favorite cold cocktails to drink on a summer day?

Homemade Granola


It’s been far too long since I’ve had any fun in the kitchen; lately it seems my small culinary skills have been dedicated mostly to pouring Chex in a bowl. I decided that today was the day to fix that.



I’ve wanted to try making homemade granola for a while now (conveniently, I’ve also wanted to find a way to finish off the oats in my cabinet for a while now), so I found this recipe from Kitchen Treaty. It was extremely simple to make, and other than slightly overcooking it I think my granola turned out pretty well! I bet it will be even better after I soak it in some vanilla almond milk.


Have you ever made homemade granola before?



I’ve never been good at transitions.

It’s not the fact that life’s changing that bothers me. I actually have always been quite good with change. It’s the waiting that gets my goat. If something’s gonna happen, I want it to happen now, damn it.

Most of my major life transitions have happened in the summertime. The breaks between school years. The several months of agonizing job searching after graduation. It’s probably why I’ve never liked summer much. (The fact that I turn into a sweaty, frizzy mess has something to do with that too.)

And now this summer I’m waiting to move to New York, which is taking longer than I originally thought it would. I know this “layover” is necessary, and that ultimately I’ll be glad I had some time to sort of relax and get my act together, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to be in New York right now.

But in the meantime, I’ll just keep working, writing blog posts, and pinning NYC pins while daydreaming about all the awesome things I’m going to do when I’m finally in the city. And I’ll try to enjoy my last days as a Nebraskan.

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