october blogging challenge 25: your favorite things about the holidays

1. Aesthetics. I love how the people who get into decorating for the holidays really get into it. Lights everywhere, huge blow-up lawn decorations, paper leaves and snowflakes strung up; it’s all fantastic.

2. Seasonal food. Would I be as crazy about egg nog if I had it all year round? Probably not. Also, those little break-and-bake sugar cookies with the pictures of jack-o-lanterns or Christmas trees on them. I may or may not have eating an entire box of those by myself once. (Not all in one sitting, at least.) Although to be honest, I am not into the pumpkin trend; I mean, I don’t dislike pumpkin, but really, what’s so great about it? Even for only a couple months out of the year? It’s just a squash.

3. Days off. Because really, who wants to work/go to school when it’s cold and grey out? It’s so nice to have a socially acceptable excuse to stay in, watch movies and eat as much as possible.

4. Bad TV movies. Self explanatory. Thank you Lifetime, Hallmark Channel and ABC Family.

What’s your favorite thing about the holidays?


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october blogging challenge 24: favorite workout songs

Uh-oh, I can’t remember the last time I worked out. I walk several blocks to and from the subway every day, does that count? No? Okay.

But I did go for a very long walk a few days ago for exercise’s sake (that counts-ish), and I took my iPod with me. Here’s some of the songs I played:

Best Day of My Life by American Authors

Heart of Stone by American Authors (I think I like this band)

Want U Back by Cher Lloyd

All Alone by Fun.

That Boy That Girl by Hadouken! (This really gets me pumped, guys)

Are You Gonna Be My Girl by Jet

When it comes to exercising, as you can see I like pop; the more rambunctious the better. What do you like to listen to when you work out?


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october blogging challenge 23: your favorite past halloween costumes

No pictures to accompany this post, sorry! But my favorite costumes from recent years are:

1. The cat’s pajamas. I wore pajamas and cat ears. The best part of this costume is how inexpensive it is. Cat ears were only a dollar and I already owned pajamas.

2. Miss Scarlet from Clue. One of the projects for a theater costume class I took was to take one or more articles of clothing from Goodwill and transform them into a Halloween costume. I found The Prom Dress From Hell (I’m talking poofy sleeves and lace, people, and an attached pearl necklace. An attached pearl necklace.) and completely changed it into an un-poofy, off-the-shoulder dress (and I carried a wrench with me). I was proud of this one just because of all the work I put into it. (I got an A on the project too, in case you were wondering.)

3. Trending. I took a white T-shirt and wrote #costume on it with a Sharpie. Lazy? Maybe. But it was cheap and I got two years of use out of it.

What are your favorite past Halloween costumes?


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october blogging challenge 22: wordless wednesday

autumn brick road building city dog free lawn flatiron hudson river park 2 lego liberty ridgewood rockefeller third street

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october blogging challenge 21: transformation tuesday

This post is supposed to be about a way I’ve changed. I could go over the superficial stuff, like growing my hair, chopping it off and growing it again; or the weight I lost after I sold my car and moved to a city that requires a lot of walking. (Being too poor to buy a lot of snackage helped too. Although now that I’m working full time I might gain it back. Which would save me from having to buy new skinnies. Seriously, wearing skinnies that are a size too big is not flattering). I could even talk about how I went from a high plains-living, tumbleweed-dodging small town girl to a subway-riding, bagel-eating city girl.

But instead, I’m going to talk about how I’ve stopped pretending.

I’m no longer pretending that I know how I want to spend the rest of my life. Several months ago, if someone asked me what I wanted to do for a living I always had an answer. At one point it was TV production. Then it was publishing. Then theater. And maybe those answers were true at the time, but I think part of me always knew that I just wasn’t sure, and after taking a step or two down each path I’d change my mind and turn around.

But now, when someone asks me what I want to do with the rest of my life, I give the honest answer, which is, “I don’t know.” I’ve transformed from a person who felt like she had to have an answer to that question (because doesn’t everybody?) to someone who is trying to be okay with the fact that she doesn’t have it figured out yet. Admittedly, I still get a little jealous of people who seem to have found their “calling,” but I’m increasingly becoming more accepting of the fact that that just isn’t me right now.

Maybe I’ll have a really long career at my current job. Maybe I’ll go back to school. Maybe I’ll buy a van and spend the rest of my life driving around the country. I don’t know. What I do know is I want to have fun while I figure it out.

Have you found your life’s work, or are you still wandering like me? What’s a way you’ve transformed?


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october blogging challenge 20: a day in the life

5:00 am to 5:00 pm today weren’t that different from my last day in the life. I got up, tooled around on the internet, and went to work (which was nonstop crazy today–hello Monday).

But then, instead of heading straight home or picking up a quick dinner, I headed to midtown (at least I think it was midtown–I’m still a little sketchy on my NYC neighborhoods) to catch drinks with a Meetup.com group. I had a beer that I can’t remember the name of, which is unfortunate because I really liked it, and some pretty fantastic bruschetta. Only three of us turned up, probably because it was Monday, but that just gave it a more relaxing, beers-on-a-Monday feeling (I love that feeling).

I hadn’t noticed it on my way to the bar, because it was behind me, but walking down Lexington Avenue on my way back to the train home there was the Chrysler Building smack-dab in front of me, all lit up. I thought I had already fallen in love with this city, but I fell pretty hard right then and there. I had to keep reminding myself to watch where I was going instead of keeping my head up so I could stare at it.

I popped into a deli and paid more than anyone should pay for a box of cookies (excuse me, “European biscuits”). I nearly stepped on a mouse on the sidewalk, which killed the NYC magic a little, got on my train and came home.


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october blogging challenge 19: what book(s) you’re reading

I’m actually in that period of time where I just finished one book and haven’t started my next one yet. The book I just finished:

The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness


Oh my goodness THIS BOOK WAS SO GOOD. It’s been a very long time since I gave anything five stars on Goodreads, but this got it. It reminded me a bit of my favorite series, His Dark Materials by Phillip Pullman, and a certain scene had me crying right in the middle of Central Park (if you’ve read it, you probably know which scene I’m talking about). I need to reserve the next books in this series immediately.

And the book that’s sitting on my dresser waiting to be read:

Let’s Get Lost by Adi Alsaid


Road trips and self discovery? I’m in! I’ve never read anything by Alsaid before but this book just sounds so cute; I’m excited to give it a go.

Also, does an issue of Vanity Fair magazine count? No? Okay. (I don’t normally read Vanity Fair, but Robert Downey Jr. was on the cover, so…)

What are you reading at the moment? Have you ever read The Knife of Letting Go or Let’s Get Lost? What did you think?

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october blogging challenge 18: top places you want to travel

Where do I want to travel? Take a look at a world map. That’s where. But I guess I should narrow it down some, so here’s five for now (in no particular order):

1. Amsterdam


Via Free People

2. Prague


Via Flickr

3. Paris


Via Flickr

4. Japan


Via 500px

5. England


Via Flickr

This doesn’t even scratch the surface. If I could get away with not actually living anywhere, just hopping from place to place, I totally would. For more jealousy-inducing travel pics, check out my Abroad board on Pinterest (where I found all these photos).

Where would you like to travel?

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october blogging challenge 17: outfit of the day


Casual Friday-ing it up with a floral skirt I bought forever ago (from Kohl’s I think?) and a black tee from Old Navy. (And tights of course. Always tights.) Once again you don’t get to see my shoes (Walmart-brand knockoff Chucks) because taking pictures of yourself is hard. But as you can see I finally got that stuff hung up on my wall.

Happy Friday!


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october blogging challenge 16: thankful thursday

Hurray for…

Living within walking distance of Taco Bell.

Coffee. Preferably in large quantities.

Tea. Ditto.

That time I was walking around the Upper West Side, thought, man, I really want a smoothie, and two minutes later THERE WAS A SMOOTHIE SHOP.

Finding a huge, suburban-esque grocery store nearby amidst the tiny, corner only-have-three-extremely-narrow-aisles-and-nothing-you-need grocery stores. No more trekking all the way to the Target in Brooklyn! (Of course I still do that sometimes anyway–I freaking love Target.)

(I didn’t mean this to be all food-related when I started this post; it just worked out that way.) What are you thankful for?


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